Completion Services

Yellowjacket Oilfield Services offers comprehensive completion and production equipment solutions for a variety of applications. Our completion services utilize the latest technology and best-in-class personnel, enabling our clients to extract hydrocarbons safely and efficiently.

Thru Tubing

All styles, sizes and brands of Carbide Mills, Roller Cone Bits, and Fishing Tools available.

Convey method: Workover Rig, Drilling Rig and Assisted/Standalone
Snubbing Unit

1.69 OD thru 3.50 OD Tools

Tool Manufacturers:
Rental Tools, NOV, Hunter Downhole, Innovative, Cobra and BICO

• Pulling
• Perforating
• Drilling
• Drill-outs
• Connecting
• Indexing
• Cutting
• Fracturing
• Washing
• Wellbore treatment
• Milling and Fishing

Frac Stacks

Full log of Frac services:
• Frac Stacks
• Zipper Manifolds
• Accumulators
• 1502 iron

Yellowjacket Locations with Completion Services

Midland, TX

• Thru Tubing Motors

Sibley, LA

• Frac Stacks

Delivering effective solutions is crucial to keeping your operation running efficiently. You can rely on Yellowjacket Oilfield Services to meet and surpass your needs.

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