Wireline – The oilfield SWAT team.

Yellowjacket offers a full complement of the highest quality open hole and cased hole services. Our personnel use fit-for-purpose equipment and logging tools. While we offer a variety of open hole and cased hole services, we specialize in lateral pipe recovery operations.

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Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP)

In addition, Yellowjacket’s Wireline Division Is the sole distributor for the Avalon PMBP (Permanent Miniature Bridge Plug). This is an electric line, slickline line, or coil tubing conveyed bridge plug. Designed to set in coil tubing, drilling strings or other small-bore annulus. The PMBP has cased hardened slips located above and below a three-piece elastomer pack-off assembly manufactured out of Viton or Afl as with metal back-up rings to prevent extrusion at high pressures and temperatures. A ratchet lock ring retains the setting force applied to the plug to maintain a constant sealing pressure. Ribbed cones direct the slips outward to help center the plug against the pipe or tubing wall.


  • Money Savings
  • No need to kill well
  • Proven Success
  • Pressure barriers
  • Pump through capabilities
Tool OD                          Range                                            CT Size                            Temperature Rating            Pressure Rating
.75″ .75-1.00 1.25″ 350 deg. 7,500 psi
.875″ .875-1.25 1.50″ 350 deg. 7,500 psi
1.120″ 1.25-1.50 1.75″ 350 deg. 7,500 psi
1.370″ 1.50-1.75 2.00″ 350 deg. 7,500 psi
1.690″ 1.82-2.10 2.375″ 350 deg. 7,500 psi
Note: setting plugs under 1″ using the 3/4″ PMBP requires use of the 3/4″ setting tool.
These cases have specific requirements and are considered on a per job basis.

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