Yellowjacket Oilfield Services strives to provide unparalleled expertise with superior quality service through continuous improvement via our most valuable assets – OUR EMPLOYEES.


The #1 Priority is that every employee goes home every night to their family in the same physical condition as when they arrived. Every employee of Yellowjacket Oilfield Services is expected to take a leadership role in safety.


Focusing on the continuous improvement of our work process as an organization is the foundation of which our company exists. Diligence of every job, as individuals in the areas of safety, protecting the environment, quality, reliability, caring for our employees and responding to their needs, as well as that of the customer’s.


We must meet, then exceed our customers expectations in all areas of service. Customer service should be proactive and extraordinary. Our customers have honored us with their business and we must continue to earn that trust with our actions.


On an individual level, attitude is everything. On a company level, teamwork is everything. We will succeed as a team or we will fail as a team. We believe a collaborative effort, utilizing the expertise of our employees, our customers and our vendors is critical to our success.


Proactive internal and external communication may be the single most important element distinguishing good companies from great companies. We will maintain strong lines of communication between all departments within the organization, with our vendors, and with our CUSTOMERS.


No business can survive and grow if it is not profitable. The key to profitability is each employee making good business decisions on a daily basis that allow us to reduce long-term operating costs without jeopardizing quality or service.

Our Mission: Providing Superior Oilfield Services with Cost Effective Solutions