Spotlight: Centuries Of Oilfield Experience

It has been said that one of the most crucial factors in overcoming challenges is experience. Without experience, the chances of a successful outcome are greatly reduced. In regards to the fishing & rental segment, this is especially true.

At Yellowjacket, experience is a chief cornerstone to our operations. From owner Lacy Harber’s (pictured, right) decades of experience at every level of the fishing business, to fishermen such as Bill Dyke (pictured, left), with 50 years of proven success, their knowledge of the business is second to none. Our Permian Basin fishermen alone average 30 years of experience, speaking volumes to the commitment we have to customer success.

Mr. Harber has worked tirelessly to assemble a world-class team of fishing tool operators from around the country. These operators, combined with the largest fishing tool inventory, has garnered Yellowjacket a reputation for operational success.